The Endless Sky

With no beginning and no end, the sky is a space of pure potential that is in constant transformation. Of all the elements and natural forces on Earth, the sky is possibly experienced as the most ubiquitous for human beings. Its visual power and dominance in the natural order is undeniable. In The Endless Sky Michael Norton explores how we as the human species relate to the natural world, specifically the sky, and the meaning we give it.

Traditionally, many religions and cultures regarded the sky as a heavenly realm, the domain of higher powers, and for some, the destination at the end of one’s life. For many pre-industrial cultures the changing sky, weather and seasons were recognised and understood as being linked to one’s own survival. This series of work investigates the idea that despite our growing disconnection from nature, our obsession with the material man made world, and our emphasis on science over spirituality, the sky may still be experienced as a place of wonder, mystery and contemplation.

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Series 1

Series 2



All works are available in two sizes; 95 x 95cm or 55 x 55cm. A limited edition of only 5 prints in the larger size and 10 prints in the smaller size will be issued.

Print Pricing

95 x 95 cm, $880 (incl. GST)
55 x 55 cm, $380 (incl. GST)

Framed pricing also available on request.

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